Stories by Nicholas Maynard and Zeus Kerravala

Selecting an IP VPN a tough decision

With so many providers and product options, many enterprises find that developing an IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) deployment strategy to suit their specific requirements can be confusing. Each IP VPN option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages as well as several interlocking factors such as site location, capacity and security requirements.
Rather than simply listing some of the issues surrounding IP VPN selection, this IP VPN decision model will highlight the key factors and their impact on the decision process. This model includes any IP VPN deployment strategy that could be used for the majority of a company’s backbone. We do not include specialty VPN products such as secure socket layer (SSL) VPNs, remote desktop control, and portal-based remote access.

Written by Nicholas Maynard and Zeus Kerravala22 Feb. 03 22:00