Stories by Owen McCall

When it comes to digital, always start with ‘why’!

When considering the impact of new and emerging technology on our business, we need to start our enquiry from a deep understanding of why our organisation exists in the first place.

Written by Owen McCall04 Oct. 16 07:00

Digital, the 21st century gold rush

There are a lot of parallels between the California gold rush and what is going on today in the rush to digital, writes Owen McCall.

Written by Owen McCall12 May 16 06:30

The relentless pursuit of sameness

You are unlikely to create greatness simply by replicating others. It's the business equivalent of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’.

Written by Owen McCall05 April 16 08:03

​The technology puzzle

It is very difficult if not impossible to design a jigsaw puzzle by getting independent actors to design certain pieces only and then expect them to work together - yet that is what a lot of organisations today are doing with their business technology systems.

Written by Owen McCall11 March 16 06:30

How to avoid the ‘technology hammer’

“Here is a technology, it's really cool, now, let's identify a problem that we might be able to ‘hit’ with this technology.” Sounds familiar?

Written by Owen McCall27 Oct. 15 16:30