Stories by IDGNS News Staff

Google's most epic wins and fails of 2015

Self-driving cars. Google Photos. A brand new Alphabet. What’s a win and what’s a fail? Jon Phillips breaks down Google’s biggest happenings of 2015.

Written by IDGNS News Staff10 Dec. 15 22:00

Amazon Prime Air gets a new drone

Amazon's new drone could bring the company one step closer 30-minute delivery, but the U.S. government is still standing in the way.

Written by IDGNS News Staff01 Dec. 15 22:00

How GhostSec takes on ISIS

In September, Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes interviewd WauchulaGhost, spokesperson for, about the group's efforts in taking down ISIS accounts and websites. The full 30-minute interview is presented here.

Written by IDGNS News Staff19 Nov. 15 22:00

Amazon standing up to rivals

Amazon Web Services executives said they are standing up to the competition facing the company from rivals including Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and IBM.

Written by IDGNS News Staff08 Oct. 15 22:16

Tesla cars will drive themselves

After weeks of delays, Tesla's autopilot software update will be out this October.

Written by IDGNS News Staff03 Oct. 15 22:00

What can be done about rogue IT?

Securing a customers information is critical, and Kelly McGowan, the Senior Director of Information Technologies at American Securities, tells us about how they are helping clients start those conversations.

Written by IDGNS News Staff25 Sept. 15 22:07

The Next Billion-Dollar Startups

The latest data on startup valuations, how fast the billion-dollar startup club is growing, and which startups might fill its ranks next.

Written by IDGNS News Staff22 Sept. 15 09:59

The Technologies Transforming the Enterprise

A deep dive into the newest technologies gaining traction in the enterprise and how are they changing the
customer experience.

Written by IDGNS News Staff19 Sept. 15 06:56

Growth By Design in a Mobile, Social World

A look at what behaviors that are native to these platforms, how good product design can win big markets, and which areas Bijan will invest in next.

Written by IDGNS News Staff18 Sept. 15 11:08

The real value of the hybrid cloud

Cliqr's Kurt Milne talks about why a hybrid cloud - not just public or private - is the best option for businesses, and how to overcome the chief challenges to hybrid cloud computing.

Written by IDGNS News Staff17 Sept. 15 20:50