Stories by Kristen Lamoreaux

CIOs expand their horizons

Meet IT leaders who are pushing the boundaries of their job descriptions -- and finding that doors are opening to them elsewhere in the C-suite.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux01 Aug. 16 23:23

For better career networking, go organic

Networking while doing volunteer work for charities is a long-term IT career strategy with lifetime benefits. But remember to put the cause first and networking second.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux16 March 16 22:23

Why CEOs prefer old-fashioned networking when hiring

Want top-notch hiring advice? Sometimes the best source is at the top of your organization. I spoke with several C-level executives, and every one said their peer network is their first stop when seeking top talent. And overwhelmingly, those networks are tapped the old-fashioned way--not via LinkedIn.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux01 Sept. 11 10:00