Stories by Paul Roehrig

Five tips to evaluate cloud services

It's still the early days for real enterprise-level commercial cloud services offerings by IT providers. Most providers have only a handful of offerings to enable cloud services for clients or to directly deliver services. Organisations need to be sceptical about some claims made by providers about cloud services. There are critical differences between managed services repackaged as cloud offerings and true scalable, flexible, easily accessible, utility services.
Based on client interest expressed to Forrester and recent survey data, there is clearly a growing desire by enterprise decision-makers to learn more about this potentially disruptive services model, but IT sourcing teams should start thinking about cloud options now, particularly in selecting providers for the long haul.

Written by Paul Roehrig16 Sept. 09 22:00

Four tips for better outsourcing deals

Nothing says "cost cutting" like a big outsourcing deal. Some firms will either panic or simply be forced to pull the trigger on outsourcing deals without laying the foundation for success with effective internal preparation. Some of these deals will work based on brute force and luck, but luck is not a good business strategy, and many deals will not meet expectations. For firms that must execute or renegotiate an outsourcing deal, there are some steps that improve the chances of success.

Written by Paul Roehrig31 March 09 23:00