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Does a Tech Manager Need to be Tech-Savvy?

To work in IT you have to have a tech background, right? Nope. With the right set of management skills, even a nontechnical person can make it as a successful manager. Sure, it helps to understand the bits and-bytes of each employee's area of expertise. If nothing else, it means the manager can appreciate what the staff does right and recognize weaknesses. But how can managers accurately evaluate team performance or assign tasks when they know little or nothing about what the individual does? According to some technical employees, the answer is communication.

Written by Shawna McAlearney09 Sept. 08 08:15

Watch out! Firing IT staff can cost you

When IT employees are dismissed, watch out! A new survey by Cyber-Ark Software, a provider of identity management products, reports that theft of sensitive information by disgruntled former insiders is out of control.

Written by Shawna McAlearney31 Aug. 08 22:00