Stories by Roy Harris

Are CFOs Turning Greener?

A surprising resilience last year in corporate "sustainability" efforts --- despite a global recession that many saw as working against that movement --- largely reflected the work of corporate finance executives.

Written by Roy Harris21 Jan. 12 11:42

Social networks rule

The evolution of social-networking capabilities in corporate systems, and technologies that dramatically boost productivity and reduce risk, are themes that dominate the Top Ten Predictions 2012 from one IT research firm.

Written by Roy Harris23 Oct. 11 22:00

Finding Benefits in Higher IT Spending

Economic pressures on companies to cut spending aren't impacting information technology outlays severely, according to a new survey that shows half of U.S. companies planning to boost IT spending in 2012. Indeed, more than half of those indicate they are aiming for a 5% or more increase.

Written by Roy Harris07 Oct. 11 11:05

IT Audit Survey Exposes Weak Risk Assessment

Even in the face of costly and embarrassing corporate security breaches, one in four companies fails to conduct any IT risk assessment. And 42% say there are areas of their information technology audit plans that cannot be addressed because of a lack of resources and expertise.

Written by Roy Harris06 Oct. 11 10:09

Firms Cautious on IT Spending, But Confidence Up

Corporate and other information-technology professionals are signaling some increasing economic confidence --- with a survey registering small rises in some IT spending and staffing plans --- although uncertainty still seems to be the order of the day.

Written by Roy Harris26 July 11 22:00

Want to Succeed? Quit School

It may seem counterintuitive, incentivizing our best students to drop out of school. But that's what the Thiel Foundation is doing: offering $100,000 this week to its first batch of teenagers in a <a href=";view=article&amp;id=26&amp;Itemid=19">"20 Under 20" program</a>. All selectees must leave school for two years and become entrepreneurs, studying independently (with help from the foundation) in areas that include biotech, education, energy, mobility, robotics, space, information technology, and economics and finance.

Written by Roy Harris28 May 11 07:38

New GM CFO brings investing skills to the job

In stepping in as finance chief at General Motors, an automaker reborn in a post-bankruptcy IPO in July 2009, 38-year-old Treasurer Daniel Ammann brings years of experience in investment banking at Morgan Stanley, and before that at Credit Suisse. Unlike fellow New Zealander Chris Liddell, who is stepping down as CFO after just over a year on the job, he lacks experience in the role of corporate finance chief.

Written by Roy Harris11 March 11 22:00