Stories by James Turner

Your Genome is Just a Click Away

In the 1997 science fiction thriller <a href="">Gattaca</a>, Ethan Hawke's character fights to make a life for himself in a world where pervasive genetic testing and manipulation has left the imperfect by the wayside. At the time, it was easy to dismiss the film as a futuristic flight of fancy, not an issue that people would be facing in the next 10 years. After all, the Humane Genome Initiative already had spent years trying to sequence a single man's DNA, and had years left to go.

Written by James Turner09 Jan. 09 11:01

When Agile Projects Go Bad

Your software development projects can benefit from Agile - assuming it's really what's used. Learn about the sins that have been committed in the name of "Agile."

Written by James Turner22 Nov. 08 09:09

New Cisco Systems client/server messaging protocol announced

This week <a href="">Cisco Systems</a> announced a new messaging protocol intended to allow developers to integrate client/server applications without the overhead of traditional protocols such as <a href="">SOAP</a>. The new protocol, Etch, was introduced at a developer's conference covering the new 2.5 release of the Cisco Unified Application Environment (CUAE). Etch is slated to go into beta release this summer.

Written by James Turner22 May 08 18:16