Stories by Gordon Watt and Brinley Platts

Growing the next IT leaders

Is IT commanding the attention it should? You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who will argue that IT isn't increasingly important to business, and following on from this it would be natural to assume that IT leaders must be becoming more influential in business. But, as many recognise, this is not necessarily the case. A spate of surveys conducted towards the end of last year, such as those by Capgemini and recruitment firm Harvey Nash, all seem to point in the opposite direction -- CIOs seem to becoming generally less influential.
How can you buck the trend? Prompted by this paradox, we delved deeper through a research project, undertaken for the thought-leader network CSC Leading Edge, that was entitled Expanding the CIO Mandate. Eight years earlier Michael Earl and Philip Vivien identified trends in expectations of CIOs and defined the future role of the 'New CIO'. This transcended the then-dominant technology focus to include contribution to organisational transformation, as 'Change Master' and business strategy direction. We set out to discover how the minority of New CIOs, who in our language had an expanded mandate, achieved this status and made some surprising discoveries.

Written by Gordon Watt and Brinley Platts25 Feb. 09 22:00