Stories by Oliver Rist

Microsoft's back office blitz

Microsoft stunned its customers this month with a swarm of product announcements at its Professional Developers Conference (PDC) and first-ever Business Summit. Add a huge company reorganization that consolidated six divisions into three (Platform Products & Services, Entertainment & Devices, and Business) and even a casual observer might conclude that something big is afoot in Redmond.

Written by Oliver Rist03 Oct. 05 10:10

Microsoft unleashes HoneyMonkey

I poked a few fun fingers at Vista. Sure, I did. After all, I'm a pundit, and making obvious jokes at the expense of large corporate marketing departments is my job. But apparently, Microsoft is inured to name-blame jabs because just a few weeks after announcing that its new OS would be named after a line f rom White Men Can't Jump, the company actually used e-mail to ensure my full awareness of the name for its new anti-malware research project: The Strider HoneyMonkey project.

Written by Oliver Rist11 Aug. 05 17:09

Product Review: Microsoft makes server-hardening easier

Hawaii isn't as much fun when you're cursing. Standing on a balcony for six and a half hours waiting for a network testing tool to work so you can test the 1.2 mile laser link that's been up and running the entire time tends to make you cranky. Especially when it's Saturday and you should be on the North Shore striking out with the wahines.

Written by Oliver Rist20 Feb. 05 22:00

Product Review: MOM tends to Windows Servers' needs

Testing management products like Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 is always a tricky process: Traditional performance isn't nearly as important as day-to-day management features and know-how.
So, to give this product a real-world run-through, I took MOM 2005 out of the lab and installed it at a willing client site running eight Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 servers and an AIX server. The results showed an obvious improvement over MOM 2000 and a clear spot for MOM in enterprises built on the Windows server platform.

Written by Oliver Rist24 Nov. 04 22:00