Stories by Matthew Broersma

IBM shows the way to greener supply chain

IBM has introduced a carbon-emissions modelling tool aimed at helping businesses analyze the environmental impact of supply-chain decisions and to devise alternative business practices.

Written by Matthew Broersma23 May 08 13:53

Extremely critical Windows flaw code appears

A U.K. security researcher has released exploit code for a bug in Internet Explorer that could allow a remote attacker to take over Windows systems -- even Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed, according to security experts.

Written by Matthew Broersma23 Nov. 05 10:21

Gartner: One in ten IT departments dead by 2011

One in 10 IT departments will be disbanded in the next six years, the result of a combination of outsourcing and the changing nature of IT, according to Gartner.

Written by Matthew Broersma21 Oct. 05 07:14

Netscape laid wide open by security flaw

Two separate imaging-related security flaws have surfaced in AOL's Netscape browser and in the KDE desktop environment for Unix and Linux, according to security experts. Both could allow an attacker to plant malicious code on a user's system when a specially crafted image is viewed by an affected application, such as a browser, e-mail program or stand-alone viewer, researchers said.

Written by Matthew Broersma27 April 05 14:10

Industry reels from IP flaw

The U.K.'s National Infrastructure Co-Ordination Centre (NISCC) has warned of a flaw in Internet Protocol (IP) that could allow significant attacks on a wide range of products, including routers and Internet software from Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Juniper and others.

Written by Matthew Broersma14 April 05 09:38

Intel reveals transistors of the future

Intel and the UK Ministry of Defence spin-off Qinetiq have successfully built transistors using an exotic material called indium antimonide that allows for far lower voltages than is possible with current devices.

Written by Matthew Broersma11 Feb. 05 07:31

Linux finds Irish banking champion

Linux has found another powerful champion in the form of Allied Irish Banks PLC (AIB) which has just signed a deal with Sun to switch its 7,500 branches' desktops from Windows to the Linux-based Java Desktop System (JDS). Sun Microsystems Inc. also announced that the government of New South Wales, Australia, will shift 1,500 users from Windows to its software.

Written by Matthew Broersma30 June 04 08:33

Linux vendors tackle security holes

Linux vendors have begun releasing fixes for two critical security bugs in a networking component that could allow a denial-of-service attack or enable an attacker to take control of a system.

Written by Matthew Broersma24 June 04 08:27