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6 hard truths IT must learn to accept

The rise of shadow IT, shortcomings in the cloud, security breaches — IT leadership is all about navigating hurdles and deficiencies, and learning to adapt to inevitable setbacks.

Written by Dan Tynan16 Oct. 17 21:00

The skills and traits of a next-generation CIO

Shifting technology budgets, old IT habits, and new turf wars have many CIOs stuck in a corner. Here’s what it takes to stand out as a great, forward-thinking CIO.

Written by Dan Tynan24 July 17 20:00

7 simple rules for hiring great developers

The war for developer talent is hotter than ever. Whether you're trying to build mobile apps, redesign the user experience on your public website, or keep business-critical applications on the cutting edge, everyone needs code.

Written by Dan Tynan21 Jan. 14 15:21

Five dysfunctional IT relationships - and how to repair them

In large technology departments, dysfunctional relationships breed like mushrooms in a dank basement. Your dev and ops teams are no longer on speaking terms, while your junior and senior developers can't seem to agree on anything. IT and legal are constantly at each other's throats. Storage wonks are ready to declare war on the database admins, while sys admins seem to be on everyone's bad side.

Written by Dan Tynan30 Sept. 12 22:00

The CIO's survival guide: Do's and don'ts for next-gen IT

Here's the hard truth: The employees you support -- whose data centers you keep humming and whose email accounts you provision -- they don't need you any more. If you can't provide a service they want right now, they'll call up Salesforce or Amazon Web Services and order it from the cloud. And they'll do it without even telling you.

Written by Dan Tynan21 June 12 22:00

How to get a hot job in big data

Big data is reshaping business IT. Thanks to cheap storage, massive processing power, and tools like Hadoop, organizations are now able to mine terabytes of information and derive useful business intelligence from it. But the data revolution is also creating a new breed of hybrid business-IT jobs, ones that blend business knowledge and powerful IT tools to the benefit of tech-savvy line-of-business professionals -- and the possible detriment of IT pros oblivious to the big data trend.

Written by Dan Tynan19 March 12 21:24

IT's worst addictions (and how to cure them)

Are you a jargon junkie? Got an insatiable appetite for information? Do you rule over your company's systems with an iron fist, unwilling to yield control until someone pries the keyboard from your cold, dead hands?

Written by Dan Tynan13 Feb. 12 22:15

ERP makes a comeback

They couldn't put it off any longer. The ERP system for the <a href="">Electric Power Research Institute</a> (EPRI) had reached the end of its useful life.

Written by Dan Tynan20 Dec. 11 22:17

Five hot tech projects to boost your career

Too many projects, too little time: That's the sad lament of many IT professionals who must constantly balance the needs of the enterprise against the desires of business users - all while keeping a close eye on the newest technologies coming at them from every direction.

Written by Dan Tynan06 Nov. 11 22:00

IT superheroes - and their fatal flaws

IT superheroes can't fly - at least, not without an airplane. They don't possess X-ray vision or super strength. They won't be found wearing capes or spandex (at work). But the geeks who save the day time and time again for enterprises around the globe exhibit some extraordinary powers.

Written by Dan Tynan12 Sept. 11 22:00

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