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Desktop virtualisation heading to mainstream

A third of enterprises are looking to move to desktop virtualisation according to research from desktop services specialist Centrix. More than three-quarters of the respondents said that cost reduction was the prime driver for the move to the technology.
According to Lewis Gee, vice president sales and marketing at Centrix said that emphasis on cost reduction was surprising. "I think a couple of years ago, customers were looking to improve the desktop experience, but perhaps as a result of the economic situation, companies have been looking to cut costs."

Written by Maxwell Cooter17 Jan. 10 22:00

The CIOs' growing data worries

Nearly 60 per cent of IT managers say that managing the cost and complexity of maintaining the company's data is their top priority, a survey has found.
In addition, more than 40 per cent also cited the reduction of server provisioning times and instigating a disaster recovery plan as other chief concerns.

Written by Maxwell Cooter23 Sept. 07 22:00