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Restart your career network in 12 days (before Christmas)

The holiday season is an ideal time for re-connecting, making new contacts and strengthening relationships. Networking is, in fact, the best job search method: It generates more than 80 percent of new hires.
Constantly nurturing existing relationships and strategically developing new contacts can put you on the inside track to plum job leads, whether you are an active candidate or just want to keep up with the market.

Written by Debra Feldman01 Dec. 10 22:00

Connecting with hiring managers

You've probably grown tired of hearing about the importance that connections play in finding a new job. It can be frustrating advice if you don't have a robust network that delivers the leads that interest you. That's why I recommend focusing your job-search efforts first, then building your network around your targeted job-search strategy. Here's my simple four-step process for connecting with hiring managers and finding a new job.
1. Focus your job search on companies that need your expertise.

Written by Debra Feldman28 Aug. 08 22:00

The new contact sport

Whether you are entering the job market by choice or whether you have been forced to look for work, be prepared for an intense, volatile journey this year. If you think that a few confidential calls to eager headhunters and several smartly placed online résumés will overbook your calendar with job interviews, you're going to be disappointed. Employers are extremely cautious and selective, and recruiting proceeds at an unusually slow pace.

Written by Debra Feldman02 April 08 23:00