Stories by Bob Lewis

How to kill a dead project

Think you might have a zombie IT project on your hands? Killing it can be challenging. It takes just the right mix of forensics and logistical know-how, and a lot of political will.

Written by Bob Lewis19 Dec. 17 07:27

12 bad habits that slow IT to a crawl

Bottlenecks always seem born of the best intentions, but they must be rooted out — and broken. From governance to manual provisioning, here's what's holding up your IT organization's ability to deliver results.

Written by Bob Lewis28 Aug. 17 20:00

9 lies CIOs tell themselves

If Achilles was a CIO, self-deception would be his heel. He’d be sure business-IT alignment is tight, information security bulletproof, and all projects come in on time. CIOs set the stage for disaster by fooling themselves.

Written by Bob Lewis21 Aug. 17 20:00

10 old-school IT principles that still rule

Technology changes rapidly, but beneath the buzzwords, the fundamentals of sound IT strategy remain. Here are 10 graybeard IT tenets that still reign — when applied in their modernised guise.

Written by Bob Lewis25 July 17 20:00

12 'best practices' IT should avoid at all costs

From telling everyone they're your customer to establishing a cloud strategy, these "industry best practices" are sure to sink your chances of IT success.

Written by Bob Lewis13 June 17 20:00

Stewardship, not ownership

"Improvisation is too good to leave to chance," said singer Paul Simon. It's a lesson that IT needs to learn and, more important, act on.

Written by Bob Lewis27 March 11 23:00

Relationships matter

Which is more important - skills or manners?

Written by Bob Lewis11 Feb. 02 10:00