Stories by Lisa Yoon

Six ways to blow a negotiation

Masterful negotiation is among the most valuable skills of the C-level executive. Negotiation is a critical part of a finance chief's dealings, whether with vendors, customers, or other external business partners, or with colleagues. Moreover, negotiation skills can be invaluable in career-related conversations.

Written by Lisa Yoon19 Aug. 11 10:36

Serving Up a Pressure Test

In pressure-filled situations there are those who "choke," and there are those who rise to the challenge at critical moments. The link between one's ability to perform when stakes are high, and one's overall career success, is compelling, according to new research from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

Written by Lisa Yoon11 Aug. 11 10:37

Try a Little Socrates

In the debate over whether executives can learn to be great leaders, Robert Steven Kaplan of Harvard Business School is in the camp that believes they can. In his work with C-level executives, he finds a useful way to begin the leadership journey is by asking the right questions -- of themselves and their subordinates.

Written by Lisa Yoon05 Aug. 11 10:42