Stories by Matthew Heusser

Can agile scale and does it matter?

Most of the literature on scaling addresses overcoming objections and how best to do it. Matthew Heusser posits that ‘Does agile scale?’ is simply asking the wrong question.

Written by Matthew Heusser19 Jan. 16 23:21

How to become an independent IT consultant

The risk may be high, but the rewards can be even higher. Here are some practical tips for making the leap from employee to independent IT consultant.

Written by Matthew Heusser22 Oct. 15 15:48

Test, deploy, release...repeat

When it comes to release management, what sounds great in theory doesn’t always work in practice. Here are four steps to building an effective strategy.

Written by Matthew Heusser21 Sept. 15 16:53

Diving into DevOps details

The basic idea behind Dev and Ops is to get the two roles working together. This sounds obvious, but think for a moment about how the roles have traditionally been implemented. Operations is responsible for uptime and reliability; the simplest way to keep systems up and running is to lock ‘em down and prevent change. The job of a software developer is to create change. From the beginning, the incentives for one role are misaligned with the other. The first part of DevOps, the very inkling of an idea, is to break down the walls between the roles.

Written by Matthew Heusser19 June 15 03:00

How to get started with ITIL

ITIL is one of the most common frameworks for IT service management. However, questions and misunderstandings abound regarding this set of popular practices. In this article, we'll address the following (and more):

Written by Matthew Heusser27 May 15 03:59

Getting Started With Ruby: A Tour of the Scripting Language

In the world of programming languages, sometimes you don't need the overhead and performance of Java, C#, C++ and other power tools. Sometimes a scripting language, or Swiss army knife, will do.

Written by Matthew Heusser07 July 14 23:04

How to Save the Daily Standup Meeting

Years ago, in the bad old days, you had the weekly status meeting. You'd wait for your turn to talk about your status to the project manager; when other people talked, you'd either tune out to think about what you were going to say or, possibly, tune out entirely and think about that upcoming skiing trip.

Written by Matthew Heusser30 May 14 06:00

Why You May Need an 'Agile Coach' (Whatever One Is)

Ask an 'agile coach' what he or she does and the answer could range from write code to run meetings. It's not what you'd necessarily expect an agile coach to be doing, but that doesn't mean the role is unnecessary.

Written by Matthew Heusser15 Oct. 13 17:14

Driving out (software) waste

The Japanese word Muda loosely translates as waste. The core element of lean manufacturing is to eliminate waste--or, in more North American terms, to "cut the fat." While applying lean concepts to manufacturing may seem straightforward, there is little agreement on what that term even means for software, or if it applies.

Written by Matthew Heusser22 May 12 22:00