Stories by Sarah Aryanpur

An improvised path to CEO

Adrian Bagg is one of a rare breed, a CIO who has moved along the top table to become a chief executive. Full of passion about his work he is, however, quick to point out that his becoming the CEO was the happy outcome of an unplanned career full of business management as well as IT.

Written by Sarah Aryanpur17 March 08 08:43

IT departments do not deliver 'great' IT

More than 40 per cent of CIOs do not believe their departments deliver 'great' IT, and 44 per cent still have no say in strategic decision making, according to a recent report.
The results of the research make a direct correlation between involving IT directors in strategic decision-making, and how effective IT directors perceive their departments to be. The research, commissioned by business management solutions company Touchpaper, was conducted on CIOs and IT directors in the UK private and public sectors.

Written by Sarah Aryanpur17 Feb. 08 22:00

Whitbread CIO Ben Wishart reveals his tactics

Sometimes doing a good job can be frustrating. For Ben Wishart, CIO of Whitbread, the company's recent sales of stakes in the David lloyd Leisure Centres, Pizza Hut and TGI Friday, is proof of a job well done.

Written by Sarah Aryanpur29 Jan. 08 00:48

Rolls-Royce IT reflects top-drawer engineering ethos

Rolls-Royce is distinct from other companies in that it shares the same standards that are applied to the development of its products -- some of the highest quality in the world -- with its IT.

Written by Sarah Aryanpur10 Jan. 08 20:02

Top seed

Chris Lee, IBM’s project director at Wimbledon, is based at the All England Club. He believes the partnership has flourished because there is no complacency.

Written by Sarah Aryanpur31 July 06 22:00