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Ballmer says IBM-Sun deal could help Microsoft

A union between IBM and Sun Microsystems would give Microsoft a competitive advantage during the time IBM worked to incorporate Sun's copious assets into a combined company, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer said Thursday.
"We have a lot of competition with IBM and I don't think it will change strategically," he said during an appearance in New York. "I think it gives them a year or two where all they're doing is digesting it. I relish that year."

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano18 March 09 23:00

iPhone and me: A love story

Like the star on a Christmas tree, iPhone is perched atop all the top 10 gadget lists for 2007, and with good reason. Not only did iPhone revolutionize the way people think about their mobile phones -- as many writing those lists crow -- but in my case, it has changed the way I live.
Let's be clear: I'm not your typical gadget or technology geek. I didn't have a cell phone until 2000, and even then I purchased a refurbished Nokia handset for $30 that resembled the Motorola brick phone Michael Douglas used in the 1987 film "Wall Street."

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano24 Dec. 07 22:00

Microsoft files patent complaint against Belkin

Microsoft has filed a patent-infringement complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) against Belkin for importing products the software company claims infringes on a patent it holds for peripheral device technology.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano02 Aug. 06 08:00

Microsoft releases Windows Server 2003 R2

Microsoft has done some housekeeping by releasing two planned software updates, including a second release of the Windows Server 2003 OS.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano02 Feb. 06 07:56

Microsoft to test classified service by year-end

Microsoft Corp. plans to test publicly an online classified service before the end of the year, a company representative said Wednesday.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano30 Nov. 05 20:20

Microsoft upgrades hosted suite for SMBs

Microsoft Monday released an incremental upgrade to its hosted messaging and collaboration suite that includes Exchange Server technology for pushing company e-mail seamlessly to Windows Mobile devices.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano29 Nov. 05 08:40

Despite hype, Microsoft lacks Web 2.0 savvy

Though the powers that be at Microsoft seem to have finally grasped the impact of the Internet on the future of packaged software, industry observers and a key rival said the company still must prove that its plan to compete in the Web 2.0 marketplace is more than just hype.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano11 Nov. 05 13:01

Team led by IBM, Sun formalizes OpenDocument support

A group of high-profile technology vendors have formalised plans to promote Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) as a global standard after a meeting at IBM last week, according to an IBM executive.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano09 Nov. 05 09:35

Services plan shows Microsoft playing catch-up

Microsoft Corp. Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates touted Microsoft's new Live Software strategy as a "revolution" in how the industry views software. But Microsoft's plan to provide a series of Web-based services branded with the names of popular Microsoft products is more an evolution of Microsoft's software as a service strategy -- and an effort to catch up to current industry trends -- than a move that will redefine the entire industry, analysts said.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano02 Nov. 05 21:22

Gates, Ozzie seen unveiling hosted services next week

Top Microsoft Corp. executives speaking in San Francisco this week are expected to reveal the first in what many observers believe will be a range of hosted services from the software company, analysts say.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano30 Oct. 05 22:00

Heated debate brewing over state's OpenDocument plan

Debate among Massachusetts government officials may throw a wrench in a state proposal to migrate away from Microsoft's Office productivity suite in favor of software that supports an open-document format.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano26 Oct. 05 08:08

Microsoft employee blasts 'fake' service pack

A Microsoft employee has warned against downloading an unauthorized version of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) that has surfaced on a popular Web site that provides software patches.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano14 Oct. 05 08:00

Microsoft changes tune on Windows XP SP3

Microsoft on Thursday officially confirmed that there will be a third service pack for the current client version of the Windows OS, Windows XP.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano07 Oct. 05 08:43

StarOffice 8 includes Office compatibility enhancements

Sun Microsystems plans to release a new version of StarOffice that includes new features to address the software's compatibility with Microsoft Office, one of the chief areas of complaint among users of Sun's office productivity suite.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano27 Sept. 05 14:00

Palm, Microsoft target businesses with new Treo

The new Treo smart phone running Windows Mobile 5.0 will help both Palm Inc. and Microsoft Corp. persuade more enterprises to purchase mobile devices for their employees, top executives from both companies said Monday.

Written by Elizabeth Montalbano26 Sept. 05 19:27