Stories by Diane Frank

'Don’t stick to IT'

When CIOs join a new organisation, or their current company changes direction, they have an opportunity to establish themselves as strategic leaders. It doesn't matter if their companies aren't large or if they work in industries that adopt new technologies slowly.
1. Get a new job. Frank Cervone, Purdue University Calumet's CIO and vice chancellor of information services, is the institution's first C-level IT executive. When he arrived in 2009, he set out to change how the campus serves its students-a Purdue-wide goal. In the process, he challenged campus executives to think more broadly about how to provide services to faculty, staff and students. Being new, Cervone had a new perspective, which helped get business leaders to listen to his ideas.

Written by Diane Frank02 Nov. 10 22:00

CEO Sweet Talk

It doesn't always take a year full of global upheaval for a company to acquire a new CEO. When money is tight and staff members are stressed, it's more essential than ever for CIOs to have a game plan for what to do when there's a new personality with new priorities in the top office.

Written by Diane Frank25 Sept. 09 02:19