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Microsoft warns CIOs virtualisation is expensive

Speaking exclusively to CIO at its European CIO summit, Barbara Gordon EMEA VP for enterprise sales said that Microsoft sees price as a differentiator in the virtualisation market.
"What I hear is that users need to take out cost from their environments and virtualization is the credible approach. You have to ask if virtualisation today is delivering cost effective value? And that it justifies the costs that are being charged?" She added, "Price is a differentiator. Existing players are quite expensive. Microsoft can add value to this market with a server play and an application play."

Written by Ambrose McNevin13 March 08 22:00

Heated exchanges

Whether you think that global warming is down to Sunspot activity (that's the big yellow thing in the sky, not the server maker) or that your actions don't matter because China is building 500 new coal-fired power stations, is today, irrelevant. That's because having a carbon plan will soon be top priority for every CIO in the world. And it had better be sustainable.

Written by Ambrose McNevin18 Dec. 07 22:54