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Interview: Master of the EDC universe

Sylva Collins, promoted in July to global head of advanced clinical systems at Novartis, is not someone who invests in technology for its own sake. Collins buys technology to be more efficient. In the case of electronic data capture (EDC), she is the person who proved to the pharmaceutical industry that technology could be transformative in clinical trials.
Collins has achieved benchmarks that are the envy of the industry. The percentage of Novartis' Phase I trials using EDC: nearly 60 percent. The percentage of Phase II and III trials using EDC: nearly 100 percent. Continents on which Novartis is running EDC-based trials: six. Investigative sites: more than 10,000. Nations using EDC: 50. Cost per page of data: US$4.60 versus $23 per page using paper. Contract employees dismissed: 70, out of a former total of 300 in data management.

Written by Mark D. Uehling23 Aug. 04 22:00