Stories by Grant Gross

Microsoft to issue blanket license to NGOs

Microsoft will issue a blanket software license to nonprofit groups and journalist groups outside the U.S. after the New York Times reported that Russian police have used software copyright raids to seize computers of activist groups.

Written by Grant Gross14 Sept. 10 04:25

Wikipedia founder tackles politics

The founder of Wikipedia, the peer-edited online encyclopedia, has launched a new political wiki site, saying it's "time for politics to become more intelligent."

Written by Grant Gross07 July 06 08:00

Forrester index finds US tech sector healthy for now

The U.S. technology industry has recovered from a recession of 2001 and 2002 and is about as healthy as it's been in three years, according to a new tech sector economic index released Monday.

Written by Grant Gross12 Dec. 05 17:49

Security expert: More sophisticated attacks likely

The cyber attacks of recent years have been relatively unsophisticated and inexpensive compared to the potential of organized attacks, a cybersecurity expert said Tuesday.

Written by Grant Gross29 Nov. 05 21:14

US Supreme Court to hear eBay patent case

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case in which eBay was successfully sued for patent infringement by a developer of a Web auction site.

Written by Grant Gross29 Nov. 05 08:00

NBC, CBS to sell $0.99 TV shows

U.S. television networks NBC Universal and CBS have both announced plans to make some TV shows available for download at a cost of US$0.99 an episode.

Written by Grant Gross08 Nov. 05 21:27

Samsung to pay $300M fine for DRAM price fixing

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and its U.S. subsidiary Samsung Semiconductor Inc. have agreed to plead guilty and pay a US$300 million fine for participating in an "international conspiracy" to fix prices on DRAM (dynamic RAM), the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced.
Samsung's fine is the second largest criminal antitrust fine in U.S. history and the largest criminal fine since 1999, the DOJ said.

Written by Grant Gross13 Oct. 05 21:00

BMC expands ID management suite

BMC Software on Monday released a new version of its Identity Management Suite, including three new products designed to help businesses manage passwords and employee identities and comply with government regulations.

Written by Grant Gross04 Oct. 05 11:04

US government IPv6 testing must go on

Normally, August in the Washington, D.C., area is a time for many workers to take vacation and escape the near-tropical conditions. But the parking lot outside a Northern Virginia facility operated by the U.S. Department of Defense's Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) was filled last Wednesday.
The work of DISA, with the job of creating, acquiring and testing technology equipment for the Defense Department, must continue through the sweltering August weather. In one of the DISA building's lab areas, more than a dozen Defense Department contractors were subjecting hardware products to a variety of tests.

Written by Grant Gross21 Aug. 05 22:00

Fight about TV over IP coming to Congress

TV over IP (Internet Protocol) may come eventually to a television set near you, but not before a regulatory fight in the U.S. Congress.

Written by Grant Gross20 July 05 21:05

Survey: Little US interest in next generation Internet

IT decision-makers in U.S. businesses and government agencies want better Internet security and easier network management, but few see the next generation Internet Protocol called IPv6 as helping them achieve their goals, according to a survey released Tuesday by Juniper Networks Inc.

Written by Grant Gross24 May 05 20:48

Linux vendors push for government customers

Linux vendors say they're gaining ground in the U.S. government, even though a session on open-source software in government drew a small crowd at the FOSE trade show in Washington, D.C., Thursday.

Written by Grant Gross08 April 05 07:34

Microsoft files 117 phishing lawsuits

Microsoft on Thursday filed 117 civil lawsuits against alleged phishers trying to scam Microsoft customers out of personal information such as credit card numbers.

Written by Grant Gross04 April 05 07:07