Stories by Grant Gross

CLECs search for new business models

Recent months have been tough for competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), as their allies get gobbled up by competitors and the government dismantles network-sharing regulations. But CLECs say they will survive by adopting new business models and focusing on customer relations.

Written by Grant Gross07 March 05 21:43

Critics, supporters prepare for U.S. e-voting

Voting security advocates in the U.S. are bracing for a repeat of problems in the upcoming general election that could rival Florida during the 2000 presidential race.

Written by Grant Gross19 Oct. 04 21:04

Speakers debate RFID benefits, challenges

While speakers at the EPCglobal US conference Wednesday talked up the benefits of radio frequency identification (RFID), analysts watching RFID adoptions said many US companies are still waiting to see a clear reason to adopt the technology.

Written by Grant Gross30 Sept. 04 08:49

Kerry's plan on outsourcing faces mixed reviews

One of the central themes in U.S. Senator John Kerry's presidential campaign is ending tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. But the IT community is split on whether Kerry's plan would actually keep jobs in the U.S.

Written by Grant Gross20 Sept. 04 19:16

FCC bans cell-phone spam

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted on Wednesday to outlaw all unauthorized text messages to mobile phones and pagers unless the owner has given permission.

Written by Grant Gross04 Aug. 04 18:58

Court shoots down Massachusetts appeal

A U.S. appeals court has rejected an effort by the commonwealth of Massachusetts and two IT industry groups to overturn the antitrust settlement between the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Microsoft Corp.
The ruling rejects appeals by the commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) and the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), which argued that the November 2002 antitrust settlement between Microsoft and the DOJ was not in the public interest.

Written by Grant Gross30 June 04 22:00

First test of IPv6 network goes well

An early test of a multisite, next-generation Internet, powered by IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) went well, and the coalition of groups working on the so-called Moonv6 project will conduct more comprehensive tests starting in February, said two people involved in the project Tuesday.

Written by Grant Gross10 Dec. 03 11:16

Information overload

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by information overload lately, you may not be alone. The amount of new information stored on various media such as hard drives has doubled in the past three years, to five exabytes of new information produced in 2002, according to a recently released study by the University of California.

Written by Grant Gross12 Nov. 03 16:37

President's cybersecurity chief defends agenda

U.S. President George W. Bush's top cybersecurity advisor defended his boss's Internet security agenda but called for help from everyone from large corporations to individual Internet users to protect the U.S. homeland by protecting their own little piece of cyber turf.

Written by Grant Gross01 April 03 22:00