Stories by George Chen and Amy Muller

Taking the black art out of IT innovation

For too long now innovation has been viewed as a black art. Business journals, such as Business Week and Fortune, that regularly publish their lists of the most innovative companies, select top performers based on surveys of CEO/business executives, not hard data of performances.
Similarly, few managers have the required metrics to make informed decisions about their innovation programs. Therefore, managers of all types, and IT managers especially (since they are often out of the strategy decision-making loop), have only a vague sense of the innovativeness of their company and their department; they have little or no means to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of a particular innovation program. Over the last decade, however, many organisations and their IT departments, have successfully implemented enterprise-wide as well as localised innovation programs. Along with their successes, and some pioneers' failures, we now have a more thorough understanding of what and how to measure an organisation's innovation program.

Written by George Chen and Amy Muller25 Oct. 10 22:00