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IT by the book

Even if its multi-market trading and settlement system (MTSS) was a spectacular failure, Hong Kong-based Taifook Securities would score plenty of points for sheer ambition and dogged persistence. The project was rooted in what CIO Nelson Ying frankly admits was perhaps the worst time in the company's history, just after the SARS epidemic wreaked havoc on the economy, and while Hong Kong authorities were in the midst of tightening corporate governance standards. To add insult to injury, as was the case with other brokerages, banks were steadily biting into a larger share of Taifook's business.
But many crises also give rise to opportunities, and this one was no exception. Hong Kong regulators were also extending trading hours for stocks and futures, and putting in place a single license regime that would eliminate the need for brokerages to set up separate businesses- and IT support infrastructure-for different financial products.

Written by Jonathan Hopfner29 Nov. 07 22:00

A smoother ride

Singapore's Land Transport Authority has embarked on a project that has reduced its dependence on physical documentation and streamlined its internal processes.
Even by the standards of chronically overburdened government departments, Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) has a serious workload. Formed more than 10 years ago from the ashes of four separate agencies overseeing everything from private vehicles to mass transit and road works, the authority acts as an all-purpose shop for any projects or queries concerning the city-state's transportation infrastructure.

Written by Jonathan Hopfner30 Oct. 07 22:00

When lightning strikes

It's an elusive concept, but can literally mean the difference between life and death for corporations struggling to survive in an increasingly competitive landscape. Just everybody agrees they're focused on achieving it, but they're going about it in very different ways. It's a term tossed around enough to make it a buzzword, but IT executives attending a recent CIO Asia roundtable sponsored by Avaya on the topic say innovation -- and ensuring technology facilitates it -- is one of their primary concerns. The roundtable was moderated by Teng Fang Yih, editor of this magazine.

Written by Jonathan Hopfner10 Oct. 07 19:48