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Staying ahead of cloud complexity

Managing cloud infrastructure and services is similar to traditional <a href="">network management</a> - only bigger, badder and more complex.

Written by Beth Schultz09 Aug. 11 02:05

Get more out of your IT salary

1. Arm yourself with salary statistics when you meet for your annual review. Patti Henderson, IT director at Boise, Idaho, law firm Givens Pursley, got an above-average 8 per cent raise this year by using statistics to show her superiors just how comparatively inferior her salary was. The statistics came from IT sources, such as the 2006 Network World Salary Survey, as well as from the American Legal Association. &quot;I've been following salary surveys for the last three years . . . and I requested a substantial raise on the idea that here are all these surveys [showing that I'm underpaid for the work I do],&quot; she says.
2. Increase your chances of getting budget approvals by knowing when the company's financials look strong. IT Manager Pam Davey says this tactic has worked well for her at Buyers Products, a Cleveland, Ohio, company that makes products for the mobile-equipment industry. While not required to submit a formal budget, Davey does keep the company controller regularly up-to-date on her long-term spending requirements. But she also tracks the bottom line so &quot;I know when the time is right to ask for more money,&quot; she says.

Written by Beth Schultz03 Oct. 07 22:00

Benevolent entanglement

Benevolent entanglement.&quot; The phrase might be a mouthful, but the concept is what building an extended enterprise network ought to be all about, says Brandon Lackey, portal program manager at energy industry giant Halliburton Co. In other words, involve customers and suppliers in a business ecosystem that provides such high value, so simply, few would leave it.
&quot;We want our customers to be so enamored with our simple processes, ease of use [and value provided through the portal] that they would never switch from Halliburton based on marginal price differences,&quot; Lackey says.

Written by Beth Schultz08 May 03 22:00