Stories by Susan Cramm

Making strategy that sticks

If you had to, which would you choose: to be a great strategic thinker or a great strategy maker? The answer follows the same logic as the question, "Would you rather be smart or rich?"

Written by Susan Cramm21 Sept. 07 17:51

The business knows best

Stop and listen closely. There are voices in your department claiming to know more than your internal customers. These voices say things like, "They don't see the big picture," "They don't have a strategy," "They don't know what they want," and "They aren't really committed."

Written by Susan Cramm08 Nov. 02 22:00

Organisational physics

A few big, expensive projects have given your IS organization a bad name and overshadowed all the other wonderful work that is going on. In the middle of the night, you have an epiphany: Big projects violate organizational physics. Consider that:
-- Competitive industry conditions and basic human nature limit organizational attention spans to about six to 12 months -- far less than the duration of big projects.

Written by Susan Cramm03 Oct. 02 22:00

Show them that you care

"They won't care how much you know until they know how much you care," holds the old adage. It's simple, basic, even trite. Yet think back and name the leaders who have cared for you. I can guarantee that it's a short list because most leaders don't get it. Their mouths say they care (and I believe most really do), but their actions tell a different story. They don't know how to care and consequently appear to care only for themselves.
I see it every day. Many common leadership actions scream, "I care more about myself than I do about you -- or the enterprise." As you read these descriptions, see if any hit home.

Written by Susan Cramm01 Oct. 02 22:00