Stories by David Longworth

The importance of enterprise architecture

What you'd give to be a fly on the wall in the City IT architects' drinking club right now. The secretive club, which is reputed to meet regularly in a public house in the City of London, must be an interesting talking shop, as the current bloodbath at the banks puts the role of the enterprise architect centre stage. One of the most prominent, Alix Cheema, head of architecture and design at Lloyds TSB, for example, will soon have the task of <a href="">integrating its architecture with what's left of HBOS</a>. That's some responsibility.

Written by David Longworth19 Dec. 08 06:06

Cracking IT Vendor Relations

Everyone thinks their own baby is the most perfect, handsome being ever to have come into the world, but the truth is that newborns often look rather squashed-up and, not to put too fine a point on it, a little bit ugly. Most of us just don't have the courage to tell the parents.

Written by David Longworth08 Sept. 08 14:51