Stories by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Imagine: Massively scalable multi-core security

Desktops and servers are being transformed by <a href="">virtualization</a> and multi-core CPUs, but that effect is a bit harder to see in <a href="">security</a>. Multi-core CPUs especially hold the possibility of completely transforming how and where we do security. One of the effects is to shift more of the security functions into the network. Another may be to radically change the software architecture within and across security appliances.

Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos16 July 11 05:44

When it comes to security, chaos may be your friend

Viruses and other malware are getting better at evading antimalware systems despite the sophisticated behavioral-analysis systems that are used to detect them. This week a rogue trader in France was able to hide a growing loss until it reached US$7 billion and was impossible to hide. What do these two events have in common? Both exploit the predictability of defenses to evade detection.

Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos30 Jan. 08 09:20