Stories by Tracy Mayor

Premier 100 IT Leaders: Primed for business

Mike Jennings knows a thing or two about fast-paced businesses and demanding customers. As the former senior director of IT at LinkedIn and now the head of IT at Airbnb, Jennings is used to a neo-startup environment where the speed of business is breakneck and the customer -- who is both tech-savvy and exacting -- is king.

Written by Tracy Mayor23 Feb. 15 22:42

IT's rising stars: Next-gen leaders transform the enterprise

Ask Armand Rabinowitz about his senior-level IT position at Hyatt Hotels, and here's what you won't hear: any talk of applications, architecture, virtualization or storage. No mention of data centers, networks or the cloud. Not once does he reference a single piece of hardware. Not once does he use the word user.

Written by Tracy Mayor11 March 13 14:35

Crash course

FALL 2003: There's a snap in the air and a backpack on every college-bound bod. Along with their minifridges and tabletop stereo systems, students returning to campuses from coast to coast are lugging their laptop or desktop computers -- machines that decidedly did not spend the summer being patched, updated, or otherwise kept free of viruses, spyware and other sinister digitalia.

Written by Tracy Mayor11 Aug. 04 18:53

A Buyer's Guide to IT Value Methodologies

When a company buys a new fleet of delivery trucks, it can predict with reasonable accuracy how much more revenue it will generate by delivering more goods more quickly to more customers. That can make it easier to justify the investment. It's rare, however, to find a CIO who can produce similar numbers for IT investments

Written by Tracy Mayor05 Aug. 02 13:00