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Money's too tight to mention

I'm still reeling from the meltdown in the banking sector, and there are certain to be implications for other sectors although the full effect has yet to be determined. One thing is for sure: the CIO will be told by the CFO -- or perhaps the COO, who most CIOs report to -- to reduce costs wherever possible.

Written by Mike Altendorf21 Nov. 08 10:34

Fiat alive & kicking thanks in part to tech policy

An IBM survey has found that CEOs feel that their companies are slow in responding to organisational challenges, including new ways to take advantage of technology.
So what are CEOs doing about it? According to CIO: "Sixty-nine percent say they are making extensive changes to their company's business models. Many of these changes will capitalise on virtual technologies and real-time feedback."

Written by Mike Altendorf19 Aug. 08 22:00