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Want to run Google ANZ? Send in your CV

Google has publicly advertised the job leading its Australian and New Zealand operations, following the imminent promotion of its current local chief, Karim Temsamani, to a key mobile position in the search giant's Mountain View headquarters in the US.
Temsamani has led Google's rapidly expanding operations in Australia for the past two and a half years after joining from Fairfax Media, but in mid-August the search giant revealed he would head to the US from October 1.

Written by Renai LeMay06 Sept. 10 22:00

Exit from Windows opens up new Vista

When Komatsu's general manager of information technology, Ian Harvison, first joined the industrial vehicle manufacturer in December 2005, it would be fair to say he found a few problems that needed solving.
"One thing that came out quite early was that the company didn't have a standard operating environment [SOE], and the computer fleet actually wasn't locked down as such," he recalls.

Written by Renai LeMay23 May 08 22:00

Commonwealth Bank boosts netbank security

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has signed up almost one million customers in just over a year to use a new type of internet banking security designed to stamp out fraud from phishing and other scams.
The CBA's general manager of online banking, Drew Unsworth, told The Australian Financial Review his group had about 950,000 customers using its "two-factor" authentication tools, which require users to enter one-time passwords to authorise some online transactions.

Written by Renai LeMay02 April 08 23:00

ANZ Bank website gets a makeover

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group unveiled a complete refit of its ageing website at the weekend as it took the first step in a plan to revolutionise the way it deals with customers online.
The site has been expanded to take up more space on larger, modern-day computer screens, as well as drastically streamlined and simplified.

Written by Renai LeMay31 March 08 23:00

High profile CIO exits after restructure

Long-time Coles Group chief information officer Peter Mahler has resigned as Wesfarmers moves to break up the Coles IT operation into smaller parts following its $18 billion takeover of the retailer.
Mr Mahler had held the role, one of Australia's highest profile corporate technology positions, for the past six years, joining the retail giant from Brussels-based Belgacom Telecommunications.

Written by Renai LeMay23 Feb. 08 22:00

ANZ Bank plays catch-up on internet security

Australia's third-largest retail institution confirmed this week that, from the first half of 2008, it would substantially upgrade its internet banking system for business customers, including small to medium businesses.
A key feature the bank is considering is so-called "two-factor" authentication, a system where customers are required to enter single-use passwords to log into their account or authorise transactions.

Written by Renai LeMay19 Feb. 08 22:00

Gen-i shows more bottle across the Tasman

Telecom New Zealand is gaining ground in its bid to win more corporate information and communications technology services work in Australia.
The company's trans-Tasman ICT services division, Gen-i Australasia, revealed last week it had won a series of local contracts worth more than $100 million late last year.

Written by Renai LeMay27 Jan. 08 22:00

IT has to work before anything else can

When gaming giants Tattersall's and Unitab finalised their $4 billion merger last year, the combined company's new top technology executive, Stephen Lawrie, knew he was in for a wild ride.
Not only did Lawrie have to integrate the two companies' disparate information technology systems, he also had to find cost savings to ensure the IT department played its part in delivering a promised $20 million or more in synergies from the merger over the next two years.

Written by Renai LeMay13 Jan. 08 22:00

High performing CIO

Perhaps the most striking thing about Sabrina Walsh's achievements at Queensland Health is that her chief information officer role there was her first job in IT.
Most CIOs work their way up through the ranks of their IT departments to get to the top, but Walsh took an alternative path. Originally trained as a psychologist, she worked in Queensland Health for a number of years and ended up managing hospitals and health districts rather than following the clinical path.

Written by Renai LeMay05 Jan. 08 22:00

In the trenches

On a mild Thursday in early June this year John Fletcher, the commanding officer of Australia's second-largest retail giant, Coles Group, was incensed - he'd just read a damning article in The Australian Financial Review about the state of his company's technology systems.
"Coles still has no automated stock ordering and stock replenishment systems and is doing most things manually, leading to frequent instances of stores being out of stocks," the article said.

Written by Renai LeMay12 Nov. 07 22:00

Gamers save world from flu epidemic

Academics at Rutgers University in New Jersey this month published a study on a September 2005 virtual disaster in which World of Warcraft players had their online characters killed en masse by a disease that got out of control in the game.
At the time, an estimated four million people were playing, although it is unclear how many were directly affected.

Written by Renai LeMay27 Sept. 07 22:00

Years later, FedEx still thinking outside the box

When Linda Brigance joined fledgling package delivery business Federal Express as a young computer programmer in 1983, technology was pretty primitive.
The company was using 8-inch floppy disks to ferry information between its customers and its back-office mainframe computers by hand.

Written by Renai LeMay16 Sept. 07 22:00

Tech-savvy stay on the money

CommSec general manager Matt Comyn is in no doubt as to just how comfortable some of his retail customers are with technology.
"I think there was one guy that had about 11 computer monitors, varying sizes, from huge TV-style screens to normal 17-21 inch, and also live-streaming CNBC, Bloomberg," he said.

Written by Renai LeMay28 Aug. 07 22:00

Debugging vendors

The Scenario
You're in the middle of a major IT change that depends heavily on one supplier. Press reports keep surfacing about problems on a similar project that involves the same company. You have also noticed that key personnel at this vendor are becoming more likely to be busy whenever you try to contact them to discuss your program. What do you do?

Written by Renai LeMay07 Aug. 07 22:00