Stories by Anh Nguyen

Research finds 70% of CIOs are introverts

The majority (70 percent) of CIOs are introverts and have a tendency to get bogged down in detail, which can result in them struggling in a leadership role, a study has found.

Written by Anh Nguyen08 April 14 17:06

ANZ bank launches global search for new CIO

ANZ bank, the third largest bank in Australia, has launched a global search for a new chief information officer following CIO Anne Weatherston's resignation today.

Written by Anh Nguyen05 April 14 05:05

Forrester: Cloud is test bed for collaboration

Cloud platforms are increasingly the "test bed for new collaborative experiences" in the enterprise, analyst Gene Leganza told Forrester's Enterprise Architecture Forum in London yesterday.

Written by Anh Nguyen17 March 11 01:05

IT key to driving productivity, says Intellect

Intellect has agreed with government ministers plans to hold a technology summit to examine how IT can play a role in the UK's growth strategy.

Written by Anh Nguyen17 Feb. 11 06:03

Most UK CIOs against remote working

Two-thirds of UK companies do not have a <a href="">remote working</a> policy in place.

Written by Anh Nguyen21 Jan. 10 04:45