Stories by Fred O'Connor

Self-driving car technology could end up in robots

The development of self-driving cars could spur advancements in robotics and cause other ripple effects, potentially benefitting society in a variety of ways.

Written by Fred O'Connor06 March 15 09:55

Twitter speaks up for FCC net neutrality plan

With the Federal Communications Commission set to vote in three days on reclassifying broadband as public regulated utility, Twitter made its support for stronger net-neutrality rules official Monday.

Written by Fred O'Connor24 Feb. 15 05:09

Uber increases funding round by $1B to meet investor demand

The prospect of government oversight and steady stream of security issues facing Uber haven't scared investors from the ride-hailing company, which will expand its latest round of venture funding by US$1 billion.

Written by Fred O'Connor20 Feb. 15 04:19