Stories by Fred O'Connor

Forensic software gets around iCloud security features

A Russian software company has updated its forensic software to work-around the security features Apple recently added to iCloud and increased what information can be extracted from the cloud storage service.

Written by Fred O'Connor18 Dec. 14 09:03

Microsoft throws open doors to Sway beta

The beta test of Microsoft's newish Web-publishing app, Sway, is no longer by invitation-only: the company said today it's open to all.

Written by Fred O'Connor17 Dec. 14 03:34

Microsoft delivers the talking Dynamics CRM update

Dynamics customers can now get their hands on the suite's latest update, which includes the ability to add the Cortana voice-command technology to the company's CRM software.

Written by Fred O'Connor03 Dec. 14 08:33

SMBs get their very own Salesforce app store

Users of, Salesforce's cloud-based customer service product for small and medium-size businesses, now have an app store designed just for them. Called App Hub, the store offers 50 apps from Salesforce partner companies that handle functions including group chat, social monitoring, language translation and e-commerce analytics.

Written by Fred O'Connor25 Nov. 14 05:18

SAP talks up Hana but small companies slow to sign on

Small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow need to leverage big data, cloud computing and mobility, and SAP says that its Hana platform can help them on those fronts.

Written by Fred O'Connor21 Nov. 14 07:30