Stories by Fred O'Connor

Oculus founder responds to flack over 'exclusive' games

Oculus VR came under fire last week after its CEO said the company will fund development of about two dozen "Oculus-exclusive" games for its virtual reality headset. The company has now responded to the complaints, saying some of those games may eventually come to other VR platforms.

Written by Fred O'Connor15 July 15 09:03

Object Theory takes aim at HoloLens business apps

While augmented and virtual reality are often associated with video games, Microsoft has highlighted enterprise plans for HoloLens, its augmented reality headset.

Written by Fred O'Connor11 July 15 08:24

Instagram bumps up photo resolution to 1080 pixels

Instagram is increasing the size of pictures users of its mobile app are allowed to post, finally opening the door of the photo sharing service to much more detailed images.

Written by Fred O'Connor07 July 15 07:01

Despite Apple Watch, Fitbit is still in the race

Fitbit appears to be holding its own against the Apple Watch and may have even outsold the device in the U.S. in May, according to estimates from one market researcher.

Written by Fred O'Connor02 July 15 08:15

Jaunt shows high-end VR camera for professionals

Jaunt, a startup that develops software and hardware for creating virtual reality content, is showing off a high-end camera for capturing 360-degree video that can be pieced together to form immersive environments.

Written by Fred O'Connor01 July 15 05:29