Stories by Frank Hayes

Prisoners of Legacy

Is it right that impoverished third-world children have more innovative technology than corporate users? Don't answer yet. First, take a look at the slew of recent news articles, reviews and blog posts about the XO, that little green educational laptop developed by the nonprofit organization One Laptop Per Child.

Written by Frank Hayes07 Jan. 08 18:50

Opinion: Dumb security

Is Sybase's management well intentioned and dumb, or a crowd of control freaks who want to dictate to everyone -- including Sybase customers -- exactly what they're allowed to say about security? The question comes up after Sybase threatened to sue Next Generation Security Software, a security research company in England. Last year, NGS found a batch of vulnerabilities in Sybase Adaptive Server and notified Sybase. Sybase issued patches for the holes. So far, so good.
But now, NGS wants to publish details of the problem, as is its usual practice. And Sybase says that if NGS does so, Sybase will sue.

Written by Frank Hayes29 March 05 22:00

Making the Grade

It's another failing report card for IT. Last week, Boston Consulting Group Inc. released a study that says, in effect, we're butchering our enterprise projects. You know the ones: ERP and customer relationship management, supply chains and e-commerce. Two-thirds of our big projects were pegged as unsuccessful overall. That's despite the fact that more than 40 percent finished on time and on budget and that 60 percent of the executives who signed off on the projects said they were worth the cost.

Written by Frank Hayes27 March 00 12:01