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Apple intros iPod Photo, iPod U2, iTunes 4.7

At a special music event featuring Bono and The Edge from rock group U2, Apple Computer took the wraps off the iPod Photo, a color iPod available in 40GB or 60GB storage capacities. The company also introduced the iPod U2 Specual Edition, Apple's 20GB player clad in black, equipped with a red Click Wheel and featuring engraved U2 band member signatures. The iPod Photo is available immediately, and Apple expects the iPod U2 Special Edition to ship in mid-November.
The iPod Photo looks identical to its music playing-only cousin, but it uses a 220x176-pixel resolution color screen capable of displaying 65,536 colors. Apple's Auto-Sync technology, built into iTunes, makes sure that the iPod is playing the same music as iTunes, but it has been extended also to support the iPhoto software included as part of Apple's iLife application suite -- included on all shipping Macs and available for purchase separately. For Windows users, Auto-Sync supports Adobe Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Album or the user's "My Pictures" folder. The new photo syncing capability is supported by a new release of iTunes, version 4.7.

Written by Peter Cohen26 Oct. 04 21:00