Stories by Meridith Levinson

IT professionals lack confidence in the security of their systems

Would you bet money on the security of your company's systems? If your answer is no, you're far from alone. Most IT professionals lack so much confidence in the security of their organizations' networks that they wouldn't bet a dime on it, according to the results of a recent survey.

Written by Meridith Levinson21 March 12 03:34

How to choose an online MBA program

Search for "online MBA programs" and you'll be met with a staggering array of options. These days, it seems every institute of higher learning offers an online MBA program.

Written by Meridith Levinson14 March 12 07:38

Four reasons why we procrastinate

Everyone knows the fundamental reason why we procrastinate: We lack self-discipline. We simply don't want to do the work we need to complete when we need to address it. So we delay the inevitable. We grab a snack, check our e-mail, find something else to do.

Written by Meridith Levinson25 Feb. 12 22:00

What cybercriminals do with your personal data

When Zappos notified its customers that their names, email addresses, billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers and the last four digits of their credit card numbers may have been exposed during a data breach earlier this month, the online shoe retailer emphasized that "critical credit card and other payment data was NOT affected or accessed."

Written by Meridith Levinson25 Jan. 12 22:00

Six ways to improve your productivity

If you resolved earlier this month to work smarter, stop procrastinating and be more productive, your best intentions may have quickly been subverted by your regularly scheduled work routine.

Written by Meridith Levinson18 Jan. 12 22:00

10 hot IT leadership jobs in 2012

If you had to pick two words to describe how the market for management- and executive- level IT jobs is shaping up for 2012, you might channel Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David and say "pretty good. Pri-tay, pri-tay, pri-tay, pri-tay good."

Written by Meridith Levinson18 Dec. 11 22:00

Taming the corporate Caligula

If you're one of the many unfortunate souls who reports to a bad boss, you may think your only options are to find a new job or continue to take crap from your corporate Caligula.

Written by Meridith Levinson06 Dec. 11 22:00

Six hot IT jobs that will pay well in 2012

Despite ominous predictions about how cloud computing will eviscerate IT departments, 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for IT careers. Cloud computing is in fact creating new roles for IT professionals, while the proliferation of smartphones and tablets has ignited demand for software developers. The IT job market, which experienced a strong rebound in 2011 after the recession, is expected to burn even brighter in 2012, despite global economic challenges, according to IT staffing industry executives.

Written by Meridith Levinson03 Dec. 11 22:00

How to fire people the right way

When Roy Bostock, the chairman of Yahoo's board of directors, fired Carol Bartz over the phone last month, the company's cold handling of the termination was widely regarded as an example of how not to fire an executive--or any employee for that matter.

Written by Meridith Levinson01 Nov. 11 02:58

Where will next generation CIOs come from?

David Reynolds wants to be a CIO, and the 35-year-old systems manager for the Rhode Island Blood Center may well be on his way.

Written by Meridith Levinson23 Oct. 11 22:00

The 'stress epidemic'

In 2005, at age 32, Dave Asprey realised he was literally working himself to death. At the time, he served as the director of product management at Netscaler, a fast-growing Silicon Valley startup that was being acquired by Citrix. Asprey was smack in the middle of the acquisition, working on integrating Netscaler's product line into Citrix's. He worked 60 hours a week, five days per week, checked email on weekends, and travelled at least once a month to Florida from California.

Written by Meridith Levinson15 Oct. 11 22:00

Success strategies for today's job search

When IT director Henry Hirschel started his job search in June 2011, his first move wasn't to hit a job board looking for ads for IT leadership positions. His first step was to connect with his network.

Written by Meridith Levinson25 Sept. 11 22:00

Three critical elements of an executive job search

More than a few worker bees figure top executives simply sail from one six-figure job to the next, whisked along by suave executive recruiters who coach them on secret job interview tricks and help them negotiate lush compensation packages. Right.

Written by Meridith Levinson19 Sept. 11 22:00

Project management: A simple way to identify IT problems

Too often, problems with IT projects go unrecognised until it becomes impossible to ignore them, such as when the project budget has grown wildly overblown or the schedule is careening off track.

Written by Meridith Levinson07 Sept. 11 22:00

How writing a book can boost your IT career and income

Jason Alba always wanted to write a book. When he started his own business, a service for job seekers called JibberJobber, in 2006, he finally had the time. One night in January 2006, while dining out, Alba shared his book idea - an explanation of how job seekers could use LinkedIn in their job search - with some friends who had books published. Alba says they loved the idea, and one of them offered to introduce Alba to his publisher and serve as his executive editor.

Written by Meridith Levinson25 Aug. 11 22:00