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Tools for leading business change

In less than five years' time, the CIO role, according to CIOs themselves, is destined to become either an executive leader of business change or absorbed into another role. This prediction comes from face-to-face research by a leading CIO headhunter, Cathy Holley. Holley undertook the research in 2002, asking CIOs to envision their role 10 years into the future. Destiny takes time to unfold, but we can now see their conclusion being borne out, which is testament to their vision.
The CIO's traditional role managing IT operations explains why this journey is a long one. About the same time that Holley was capturing CIOs' visions of their future role, my own company was exploring the maturity of organisations' strategic IT management. Of the CIOs in our survey, 69 percent said that the main focus of their company's IT strategy was on operations and service management. For CIOs to turn around these historic expectations of themselves and their strategies takes time and persistent tactics.

Written by Chris Potts21 July 08 22:00