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Part-time jobs becoming more scarce in IT

You may be thinking about how nice it would be to cut back on your work hours - permanently. However, unlike many professions where opportunities for part-time workers are growing steadily, most employers would rather their IT staff work more hours, not fewer.
Due to the nature of supporting technology users, which because of its urgency and complexity is often more than a full-time job, and the fact that there are almost more available jobs than IT professionals - technology job placement firm Robert Half Technologysays the IT unemployment rate is less than 2 per cent - companies are less apt to let a valuable IT professional cut back on hours than, say, an accountant or marketer.

Written by Cara Garretson13 Aug. 07 22:00

VOIP security threats: Fact or fiction?

Imagine an intruder found his way into your VOIP network undetected and began listening to any conversation he chose, extracting sensitive information, company secrets or even details he could use to blackmail your CEO.
Last month, a company called Internet Security Systems (ISS) issued an alert to warn users that Cisco's VOIP offering had a security flaw that would allow just that. According to the company, this implementation flaw in Cisco's Call Manager, which handles call signaling and routing, could allow a buffer overflow that would grant an intruder access to the system to listen in on all calls routed through it.

Written by Cara Garretson24 July 05 22:00

Bringing security to instant messaging

In February, the first arrest was made of a man who violated the CAN-SPAM law by sending unsolicited commercial messages not over traditional e-mail but over instant messaging. Given the rate at which e-mail threats, including spam, viruses and phishing attacks, are migrating to the world of instant messaging, this arrest isn't likely to be the last of its kind.
"Virtually every one of the issues we've had to deal with regarding e-mail hygiene is currently applicable to instant messaging or will be soon," says Matt Cain, an analyst with Meta Group Inc. "It's just a matter of time before we see hackers, virus writers and spammers aggressively target IM."

Written by Cara Garretson01 April 05 22:00