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Mobile phone fuel cells coming in 2007

A fuel cell technology that will offer a quick fix for dead or dying mobile phone batteries looks as if its going to be available for millions of people for the first time in the world in Japan in 2007, Japan's two biggest mobile communications carriers said Wednesday at the Wireless Japan 2005 Expo.

Written by Paul Kallender14 July 05 09:16

Interview: 3-D chips ready for prime time, Matrix says

Founded in 1998, Matrix Semiconductor Inc. pioneered the design and development of three-dimensional (3-D) memory chips, which it claims can cost less to produce than flash memory chips.
The secret is in the company's 3-D design technology. Memory chips consist of a layer of cells sitting atop a wafer, with several layers of interconnects above to carry the signals around. Matrix's latest chips stack four layers of the memory cells on the chip, saving space and reducing per-chip manufacturing costs.

Written by Paul Kallender23 June 05 22:00

Sony researchers create 'curious' Aibos

Sony has succeeded in giving selected Aibo pet robots curiosity, researchers at Sony Computer Science Laboratory (SCSL) in Paris said last week. Their research won't lead to conscious robots soon, if ever, but it could help other fields such as child developmental psychology, they said during an open day in Tokyo.

Written by Paul Kallender15 June 05 09:09

Write-once HD-DVDs due in shops early next year

Volume production of a write-once HD-DVD-R disc that can store 15G-bytes of data will begin in the first half of next year, about the same time that HD-DVD recorders and PC drives will become available, Toshiba and two optical disc makers said at a news conference Wednesday.

Written by Paul Kallender09 June 05 10:48

Toshiba, Canon to invest $1.7 billion in SED TV plant

Toshiba Corp. and Canon Inc. are investing ¥180 billion (US$1.7 billion) to build a factory that will make panels for a new type of flat-panel TV based on SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) technology.
The investment is being split evenly between the companies for the factory at an existing Toshiba site in western Japan, in Himeji. Construction will begin later this year and the factory will start producing 15,000 50-inch panels per month in January 2007, according to Hiroko Mochida, a spokeswoman for Toshiba.

Written by Paul Kallender31 May 05 22:00

NHK, Sony developing slim, high-capacity 1' drive

Japanese public broadcaster Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), working with Sony Corp., has developed a prototype 1-inch disk drive that is thinner and has more storage capacity than similar drives on the market today.
NHK, Sony and the University of Tokyo are developing the slim, high-capacity drives for use in portable devices such as mobile phones, according to Eiichi Miyashita, a senior research engineer at NHK's Science and Technical Research Laboratories (STRL). Mini hard drives are often used in portable music players as well, such as Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod.

Written by Paul Kallender29 May 05 22:00

Trend Micro antivirus update slows PCs worldwide

A faulty update to anti-virus software released over the weekend by Tokyo-based Trend Micro Inc. caused PCs to slow down or stop working around the world, the company said Monday.

Written by Paul Kallender25 April 05 08:14

Seagate to use 'perpendicular' technology for HDD

Seagate Technology LLC is developing a perpendicular recording technology for hard disk drives and intends to be one of the first companies to use it in its products.
The announcement makes Seagate the third major storage device vendor to announce plans to sell products using the technology, which is a storage method that promises to significantly boost the capacity of hard drives.

Written by Paul Kallender13 April 05 22:00

Toshiba shows fuel cell prototype

Toshiba used the Cebit trade show to demonstrate for the first time an operating prototype fuel cell for notebook PCs, but the company, citing size, weight and regulatory concerns, said it will not commercialize the technology for about another three years.

Written by Paul Kallender14 March 05 09:57

Oki tests ZigBee network in Japan

Oki Electric Industry began running an experimental ZigBee-based sensor network in Japan's western port city of Kobe on Monday.

Written by Paul Kallender25 Jan. 05 09:36

Upcoming UN meeting could decide PC fuel cells' future

A United Nations committee meeting this week will make a key decision on whether cartridges containing methanol should be allowed on commercial aircraft -- vital for the commercial success of the methanol fuel cells being developed as an alternative to lithium ion batteries.

Written by Paul Kallender29 Nov. 04 11:40

Samsung preps slimline CRT for assault on LCD TVs

Samsung will start making slimmer CRTs (cathode ray tubes) with screen sizes around 30 inches in 2005 to help introduce less bulky CRT TVs, the company said in a recent interview.

Written by Paul Kallender01 Nov. 04 05:59

Smaller, more powerful PC fuel cell is on the way

A new fuel cell for notebook PCs, more compact and powerful than competing technologies, could be on the market in early 2006 at a price of around US$90, its Japanese inventors said Tuesday.

Written by Paul Kallender29 Oct. 04 08:29

TV makers do battle over big screens

Japan's consumer electronics companies are investing billions of dollars in flat-panel TVs, but a dispute is raging over which is the best technology to use for the very largest screens.

Written by Paul Kallender28 Oct. 04 09:33