Stories by Karen Rubenstrunk

Judging infrastructure

As CIOs are pushed to speed up responsiveness to the business while reducing costs, it is increasingly important that they know how to judge the contribution of their infrastructure organization. CIOs should insist that the infrastructure organization follow methods whose primary focus is to reduce cost of change, while also measuring the key areas of complexity and utilization.
META Trend: By year-end 2003, the results of increased focus on operations excellence, end-to-end infrastructure management, and relationship management will hasten the movement of many IT organizations (ITOs) toward a trust-filled relationship with business partners, decreasing the percentage of ITOs viewed as a cost center from 70 percent to 50 percent. Further relationship movement - from trust- to respect-filled - will demand that CIOs focus on process, especially those that exist primarily at the borders of business and technology (i.e., program management, strategic planning, enterprise architecture development). Only CIOs that follow a value management process - categorizing, capturing, and communicating value - will reach a relationship maturity of collaboration by 2007 (8 percent).

Written by Karen Rubenstrunk22 Feb. 03 22:00