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VMware’s ongoing reinvention

Virtualization mainstay VMware wants to build and manage multi-cloud infrastructures…and more.

Written by Neal Weinberg20 Feb. 19 22:00

Nadella wins over Gartner crowd

ORLANDO -- Striding onstage with an air of confidence and purpose, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella scored high marks on both the style and substance of his keynote appearance today at the Garner ITExpo at the Walt Disney World Dolphin.

Written by Neal Weinberg08 Oct. 14 05:10

In Pictures: AI gets real

Artificial intelligence projects are moving from the lab to the real world.

Written by Neal Weinberg30 June 14 08:36

In Pictures: Network World's 2014 State of the Network survey

This exclusive research from IDG US publication, Network World, shows that Cloud and mobility are gaining in importance - and while the insights into the State of Networking are based on US sampling the picture paints a broad picture of where networking is heading ... and that is worth considering globally.

Written by Neal Weinberg11 June 14 08:26

How to build the immortal data center

If your data center is reaching capacity and you're thinking about cracking open the corporate piggy bank to fund a new data center, stop right there.

Written by Neal Weinberg10 Oct. 13 14:56

'You have to be masochist to be an IT person'

You have to be a masochist to want to be an IT person,'' says Robert Carter. And he would know. Carter is the soft-spoken, hard-driving CIO who has been fighting for the past 11 years to transform IT operations at FedEx, where "the planes don't fly and trucks don't roll without IT services.''

Written by Neal Weinberg18 Oct. 11 22:00

A robot in your future?

Joe Engelberger formed the first robotics company in 1957, sold the first industrial robotic arm to General Motors in 1962 and even demoed his Unimate robot on The Tonight Show in 1966 in order to popularize the idea that robots would one day be part of our daily lives.

Written by Neal Weinberg13 May 05 20:21

Networks of the future

We all know things are changing fast in the world of enterprise network computing, but you are nonetheless charged with making technology decisions today that your company will have to live with tomorrow. Neal Weinberg reports

Written by Neal Weinberg17 Nov. 99 12:56