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From co-CIO to CIO

Why would a successful CIO leave one company to become co-CIO of another with only one-third the revenue and employees? Answer: The new company is Microsoft. Stuart Scott moved there in mid-2005 from General Electric, the US$160 billion, 319,000-employee behemoth where he had worked for 17 years, most recently as CIO of GE Industrial Systems. Then, about a year ago, co-CIO Ron Markezich was tapped to run Microsoft's budding managed services business. Scott has been Microsoft's sole CIO since then.
How is managing IT at Microsoft similar to or different from managing IT at GE? GE grew a lot through acquiring and integrating different businesses. IT had to be at the forefront of that, to be able to connect people and to make the combinations of businesses be successful by enabling people to work together and leverage the talent that crossed from the acquired company to the host company. That's very similar to what we're doing at Microsoft.

Written by Eric Lai29 Sept. 07 22:00

US banks slow to embrace mobile commerce

Imagine waving your New York subway pass in front of the cash register at 7-Eleven to buy a sandwich. Or sending a text message to pay for items you found surfing the Web on your cell phone.

Written by Eric Lai28 Aug. 06 19:49

Restructuring costs pull Novell into the red

Novell reported unexpectedly strong operating profit and revenue for its fourth quarter, though restructuring expenses pulled the company into the red.

Written by Eric Lai05 Dec. 05 08:17

Gartner: US IT spending to rise in 2006

Led by small to medium-size businesses, IT spending in the U.S. will increase by 5.5 percent in 2006, although the job market for IT workers will remain "challenging," Gartner said Wednesday.

Written by Eric Lai13 Oct. 05 14:09