Stories by James A. Martin

12 questions to ask marketing automation vendors (before you buy)

Thanks to the increasing number of marketing automation tools available today, picking the right platform is a challenge for even the savviest organizations. These 12 inquiries can help you cover all of the bases before you invest in new marketing tech.

Written by James A. Martin20 Jan. 16 23:53

Putting Apple Pencil to work with Evernote, OneNote and Notability

The Apple Pencil is a valuable tool for marking up documents by hand on the iPad Pro. tested the new stylus along with four different note-taking apps, to find the best software for hand-drawn text and image markup.

Written by James A. Martin04 Dec. 15 17:14

Inside RankBrain: What Google's new search algorithm means to you

Google's RankBrain search-algorithm update has been live for months, but the company just recently confirmed the existence of the new machine-learning component. Here's a breakdown of RankBrain, along with a list of few important things digital marketers need to know.

Written by James A. Martin24 Nov. 15 16:00

6 reasons Apple Notes still can't replace Evernote

Apple's Notes apps for iOS and Mac recently received much-needed upgrades, but they're still no match for more robust note-taking apps, such as Evernote. Here's why.

Written by James A. Martin19 Oct. 15 16:40

Automatic dongle turns your vehicle in a 'smart car'

Automatic's connected dongle and mobile apps give your 'dumb' car some digital smarts. The device is easy to install and the mobile app is intuitive, but there are a number of reasons to hit the brakes before you buy.

Written by James A. Martin09 Sept. 15 15:54

3 apps to help kick the post-vacation doldrums

You're physically at your desk, but mentally, you're still watching the fireworks or thinking about that backyard BBQ. The more enjoyable and longer your time off, especially in the summer, the harder it is to shift back into work mode. Meanwhile, those projects you're getting paid to do? They aren't going to check themselves off your to-do list.

Written by James A. Martin07 July 15 23:17

The 5 best Android and iOS apps of summer 2015

Every few months, I look back at the apps I recently reviewed and ask myself a few questions: Which of the apps have I used at least semi-regularly since my review? Which ones would I recommend to a friend? And which ones stand a good chance of being around for a while? (R.I.P., Circa News, one of my previous "best of" winners).

Written by James A. Martin26 June 15 23:30

Amazon adds array of Fire TV apps and Echo enhancements

Amazon's technology products aren't always a success -- consider the ill-conceived Fire Phone, bless its bumbling little heart. And the ecommerce giant sure draws a lot of "fire" -- check out this 5,000-word controversies Wikipedia article.

Written by James A. Martin09 June 15 01:16

Facebook Messenger is king of IM apps, but people still prefer SMS

Facebook Messenger is currently the most popular mobile instant-message (IM) app, though the majority of people prefer SMS texts to IMs and 80 percent use texts for business purposes, according to a new survey of 509 people commissioned by RingCentral. RingCentral is a cloud-based communications system for SMBs with desktop and mobile apps, SMS capabilities and a variety of additional features.

Written by James A. Martin29 May 15 00:40