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Banks accelerate moves for mobile

Commonwealth Bank of Australia CIO Michael Harte says growing consumer appetite for more sophisticated online services will challenge how large businesses develop technology.
He says big organisations will need to bring tech spending much closer to customers, rather than maintaining decades-old legacy systems.

Written by Julian Bajkowski19 Feb. 11 22:00

Take a tablet

Apple founder and chief executive Steve Jobs might seem like an unusual candidate to start a revolution in medicine, but don't tell that to your average general practitioner.
After decades of struggling with poor and clunky proprietary applications that have cost billions to develop but still can't talk to each other, doctors and clinicians fed up with waiting for any progress on ¬e-health have started to take matters into their own hands – literally.

Written by Julian Bajkowski09 June 10 22:00

ANZ tech reform gets going under renewed scrutiny

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group has quietly kicked off an internal review of its $768 million-a-year technology operations in Australia and Asia, just two weeks after the arrival of its new chief information officer, Anne Weatherston, from the Bank of Ireland.
The bank is looking at how to structure its technology purchasing to underpin wider operations over the next few years, including the role of its Bangalore-based software factory that employs about 4000 people.

Written by Julian Bajkowski06 April 10 22:00

Westpac to replace core banking system

Westpac Banking Corp has followed rivals and will replace its core banking system with an upgraded version of St George Bank's "Hogan" platform to merge transactions and deposit operations across both banks.
The upgrade, revealed during an analyst briefing on the progress of a transformation project to merge both banks, paves the way for Westpac and St George to cut operating costs by sending their merged application development and support work to cheaper destinations such as India.

Written by Julian Bajkowski06 Dec. 09 22:00

Westpac to move offshore

The chief executive of Westpac Banking Corporation, Gail Kelly, has reopened the door to the prospect of Australia's second-largest retail institution sending a lot of technology work overseas. She says the bank would not otherwise be able to find suitable domestic labour.
"With the very significant program of work that we have on our agenda over the next few years with regard to technology, we couldn't possibly source all the skill we need right here," she said at Westpac's full-year results briefing on November 4.

Written by Julian Bajkowski29 Nov. 09 22:00

Farewell to free content

The race is on to build a simple system that allows small payments to be made online for web content. The winner will make a fortune and the rest of us will lose our free ride.
When Rupert Murdoch took on Google by revealing plans to start charging web users for News Corporation's online content, he got everybody's attention. How would this work? Could this save the newspaper industry? But behind the headlines was another, potentially bigger battle that could bring about a second online revolution.

Written by Julian Bajkowski28 Nov. 09 22:00

What is next in mobile banking

The National Australia Bank has confirmed a spike in customers using its retail banking services from internet-enabled mobile phones is likely to lead to it replacing security pass codes - now sent by SMS - with biometric voice prints within a year because of growing security concerns.
NAB's head of direct channels, Tim Cullen, said the institution was trialling the extension of the voice-printing technology to become an option for most of its internet banking customers as it looked for ways to boost transaction security and improve customer experience.

Written by Julian Bajkowski24 Nov. 09 22:00

ANZ to revamp IT operations

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group has foreshadowed a sweeping restructure of its A$768 million a year technology operations and management, cherry-picking a senior executive from the beleaguered Bank of Ireland to become its new chief information officer.
ANZ chief executive Mike Smith said yesterday that the retail institution had hired career technologist Anne Weatherston to head a new technology division within the bank, a move that means responsibility for key systems will be transferred out of its existing operations and shared services group.

Written by Julian Bajkowski18 Nov. 09 22:00

Report warns of cyber war risks

A think tank of 40 experts headed by Richard Clarke, former national security adviser to the US president, has warned that international protocols that distinguish between electronic spying and attacks on computing infrastructure are so blurred they now risk setting off unintentional cyber conflicts.
In a scathing appraisal of military and political secrecy surrounding the use of the internet as a weapon, the paper, titled "Virtually here, the age of cyber warfare", claims that commercial organisations have in effect become cannon fodder in the equivalent of a cold war in cyberspace.

Written by Julian Bajkowski17 Nov. 09 22:00

RailCorp CIO under investigation

The chief information officer of New South Wales transport operator RailCorp, Vicki Coleman, has become the subject of a probe by the state's Independent Commission Against Corruption.
A statement released by RailCorp said that "an allegation of dishonest or corrupt behaviour" had been made against a senior RailCorp manager, confirmed to be Ms Coleman.

Written by Julian Bajkowski09 June 09 22:00

Count on change

If you've ever sat through one of those irritating meetings with a software company where they promise to understand your needs and provide you with the tools to transform your business, be thankful for the economic downturn.
This is because there are big changes coming down the line in the way technology is supplied to enterprises and their customers and, for the most part, they'll be for the better.

Written by Julian Bajkowski03 May 09 22:00

Bank on bad times, say analysts

Gartner has slashed its forecasts for spending on information and communications technology for the second time in three months.
Adding to the gloom surrounding in the information technology sector, Gartner predicted IT spending in Australia and the Asia Pacific region would decline from US$520.5 in 2008 to US$509 billion in 2009, a fall of 2.2 per cent.

Written by Julian Bajkowski31 March 09 23:00

In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream

When the United States government's head of cybersecurity, Rod Beckstrom, quit his post on March 5, it wasn't the normally quiet and discreet send-off senior members of that country's intelligence community prefer.
In the closed, windowless world where the capabilities of America's giant covert electronic spying and information warfare apparatus is tested daily, Beckstrom had remained a believer that civilians rather than generals should control US cyber defences.

Written by Julian Bajkowski28 March 09 23:00

Fast buck versus reliability

Jeff Olsson has a consuming need for speed, but not at any price.
As the group executive for technology at the Australian Securities

Written by Julian Bajkowski25 Nov. 08 22:00

Google supports software revolution

Googler Gregor Hohpe is convinced a grassroots revolution is happening among the millions of application developers whose work powers the internet - and he's not about to get in their way.
As one of the internet giant's leading software engineers and developer advocates, Mr Hohpe used a speech at the JAOO conference in Sydney to spell out much of the reasoning behind how Google sees software being delivered across the web using a concept known as cloud computing.

Written by Julian Bajkowski04 June 08 22:00