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IT optimisation the Lucasfilm way

Lucasfilm is the creative force behind a host of special-effects-laden motion pictures, including the Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean series. The firm has six divisions in addition to the parent company: Industrial Light and Magic, the special effects group; Lucas Arts and Entertainment, the gaming division; Lucasfilm Animation; Skywalker Sound; Lucas Licensing; and Lucas Online. The company operates from three locations in the San Francisco area and the Lucasfilm Animation facility in Singapore.
A staff of 57 IT professionals provides network and IT services for the company, which numbers about 1,200 employees. As you might expect, the demands on that IT group are significant, given the computing horsepower it takes to enable the likes of Johnny Depp to ward off sea creatures with creepy, octopus-like heads.

Written by Paul Desmond13 Aug. 07 22:00