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Work-life doesn’t have to be a tightrope walk

T.K. Subramanian is vice president, IS at UB Group. He started his journey with the brand in 1983, at Herbertson's (one of UB's companies). He moved on as country manager of Ubex (UB's software export arm). In 1995, he set up the IT department of McDowell's (now USL). He implemented ERP and in 2005 started virtualiaing infrastructure. Today, all 40 manufacturing units of the group are consolidated on one platform.
He was interviewed by Kanika Goswami of CIO India.

Written by Kanika Goswami11 May 10 22:00

Staying Closer To The Customer

Sanjay Mirchandani is Sr. VP and CIO of EMC Corporation. Mirchandani is responsible for extending EMC's operational excellence, and driving technological innovations to meet the current and future needs of the business. Mirchandani also leads EMC's network of global delivery centers in India, China, Russia and Israel. He was recently in India, when he spoke with CIO on the changing dimensions of the CIO role.

Written by Kanika Goswami08 April 09 08:10

IT Innovation's Equity

With its funny hairdos and acid-washed jeans, the 90's has received its share of bad press. But it's hard not to long for a time when men took great risks, when entrepreneurs really changed business and innovation had real pop. Nirmal Jain, chairman, India Infoline, was among those who defined that generation of businessmen and made the 90's memorable.

Written by Kanika Goswami17 Jan. 09 07:34

Creating Lead Time

It is known as the second largest moon in the solar system. Closer to home, Titan is an Indian company that manufactures over nine million watches. But the similarity doesn't end with the name.

Written by Kanika Goswami15 Aug. 08 13:04

Right for the Job

Sanjeev Bikhchandani, CEO and co-founder of InfoEdge, says that IT can help his company with product innovation.

Written by Kanika Goswami19 May 08 15:14